What is the Zoning Modernization Project?


The Zoning Modernization Project is a comprehensive update to the City of West Sacramento's Zoning Ordinance that will result in a state-of-the-art, flexible, user-friendly Zoning Ordinance that serves as an effective tool to implement the community's vision for the future.

How Can I Get Involved?

We are soliciting citizen participation in all phases of the Zoning Modernization project. There are many ways to get involved! Click here for more information.

‚ÄčWhat is the Process?


The project will move from research and evaluation of the City policies, regulations, and development to the development of an overall framework for the new Zoning Code. New and updated regulations will be drafted for review, considered, and revised based on input received.

How long will it take?


The community is encouraged to participate throughout the process which we anticipate will take about one year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why modernize the Zoning Ordinance?


The City completed a comprehensive update to its General Plan on November 16, 2016. The recent adoption of the new General Plan has created an obligation and opportunity for a comprehensive update of the Zoning Ordinance, creating a concise and user-friendly set of regulations that will implement the General Plan's vision for neighborhood preservation and enhancement, economic development, environmental sustainability, and community health. The Zoning Ordinance Modernization effort also provides the opportunity to update the City's approach to regulation to reflect modern uses and current development practices.

What is a Zoning Ordinance?


While the General Plan sets forth a wide-ranging and long-term vision for the City, the Zoning Ordinance specifies how each individual property can be used to achieve those objectives. Zoning is the body of rules and regulations that control what is built on the ground, and what uses occupy buildings and sites. Zoning determines the form and character of development, such as the size and height of buildings, and also includes provisions to ensure that new development and uses will fit into existing neighborhoods by establishing the rules for being a "good neighbor".